Fall 2005: Animation 351, Advanced Rigging

Iíve rigged a quadruped for the final project. Since Iím finished Iíve been practicing animating with the rig. So, here he is, a cute little fellow isn't he? The model is by Nathan Engelhardt. I did the rigging, the texture mapping, shader and the animation.

This is a rig for a centipede that I was doing as a side project for Kevin Sears and some others, whose names, if I were told them, I don't remember. Kevin did the texture mapping and is painting the texture for the centipede in Photoshop. Another guy did the model. As soon as I find out who I'll post it.

This rig was very difficult and took a long time because it has forty legs. Mostly what took so long was naming everything. It's just a playblast with keyframes I set. I focused on automating a lot of the movement. Without a way to move all the legs at once, the animator might go quite mad. I wrote some scripts for the automation, mainly linking groups of each controller to the group of one main controller. The use of groups allows for the individual controllers to still be used independently.

Here is my first project from my Advanced Rigging class. I've redone this character a few times. The facial set up is based on the Stop Staring setup by Jason Osipa and the rig is based on a set up by Chris Maraffi. I've tweaked it a lot using Professor Cabrera's notes and fixed a problem with the stretchy spine set up. You can't scale it as it is in the book, but I fixed it using a script which I've posted here. It is a word .doc and can be utilized after completing the stretcy spine setup laid out in Maya Character Creation. It only takes about twenty minutes to implement. Apparently there's a simpler way using a node, but I haven't had a chance to look into that yet.